Laser Treatment Q & A

What causes nail fungus?

The organisms that cause nail fungus, also know as Tinea unguium or onychomycosis, are dermatophytes- fungi that feed on keratin (the top layer of skin, hair & nails).  The most common ones are Trychophyton Rubrum, Trychophyton Mentagrophytes, and to a lesser degree Epidermophyton Floccosum. Candida species(yeast) may also be a causative agent.

Why do you use the Q-Clear laser instead of others?

The Q-Clear laser is the only FDA approved laser with an efficacy rate of up to 95%. Others may not be FDA approved or have a much lower efficacy rate.

What is the difference between the Q-Clear laser & other lasers?

Most lasers work on the principle of heat. Raising the local temperature of the nail & nail bed may kill or inhibit the nail fungus. So does the application of 50 degree Centigrade or 122 degrees Fahrenheit water (Ouch!). The Q-clear uses controlled thermal energy-without heating the surrounding tissue and also uses a “shock-wave” effect that is attracted to pigments in the fungus. 

Why do you treat all nails?

The fungal spores are always present in nature and are opportunistic organisms. The more you kill, the greater the success rate. It’s like going in for a dental cleaning and only cleaning some the teeth.


Why may I need more than one treatment?

Although there is great effectiveness in one treatment, there are more fungal spores in badly infected nails and in multiple nails-as opposed to a single nail. 

Why may the nail fungus return?

Unfortunately we are creatures of habit. If the fungus was acquired by wearing moist shoes or socks-and you continue to do so---It will return. 

What can I do to prevent recurrence?

We give you a list of hygiene items to do following your treatment. If you follow our directions and return yearly for a follow up exam & possible maintenance treatment-then there is a very good chance that you will not be bothered by nail fungus again! 

What do you mean by maintenance? I just received treatment to be rid of the fungus!

If you can get away with one teeth cleaning in your lifetime-then perhaps you may get away with one laser treatment session.

Why does my insurance not cover the treatment?

The treatment is covered by  your Flex-care Healthcare spending. Insurance companies are in the business of making money-and so do not cover many newer treatments.

Is this treatment considered experimental?

Actually laser treatment of nail fungus has been around for several years in Europe. The Q-Clear laser is one of the few lasers that has FDA approval for the treatment onychomycosis.

The FDA is a U.S. agency with much more stringent guidelines than those in Europe.


How can I get an appointment?

Call 773 348-7500 or 630 530-5757 
or make an online appointment with our podiatrist here APPOINTMENTS 


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